čtvrtek 4. července 2013

Search and destroy!


in case you would not know is the search ... erm ... thing ... in Visual Studio 2012. I would not call that dialog, something so outdated could not be used in the new, carefully designed, incredible, ubercool and megalovely formerly-known-as-Metro-but-the-Metro-company-rightfully-complained style. So let's call that a "thing". Now quick! is the search gonna be case sensitive or case insensitive? Is it gonna be whole word only or not? Is it gonna use "regular expressions" or not (I wonder do they still use their own braindead something that kinda resembles incorrectly understood and mostly forgotten regexps or actual ones)?

Dear designer, it's commendable that you try to save space. You did a very bad job on this "thing" though. The whole team that designed the new version of Visual Studio should be fired and never ever let anywhere near computers again! Ever!

I pity all those that worked hard on the additions to the language, improvements of the compiler and tools that their work is hidden under the heap of crap that is the new UI!

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